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Because of the popularity of koi, Malaysia, like other countries, has begun breeding them for exports. The Malaysian ornamental fish industry was reported to be worth RM70mil in 2004.

The Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority aims to have an export volume of 800 million fishes worth RM1 90mil by 2010. Popular species include guppies, arowanas, goldfish and koi.

The koi breeders here go for quantity, not quality. Japanese carps are never bred here. They are imported. our weather is conducive for breeding koi, and other ornamen fishes, which is why it is a big industry in this country

In Japan, there is only one breeding season; there are four breeding seasons here. A female may have 10,000 to 20,000 fry each breeding season." Koi are susceptible to louse and fungi, which is why a good filtration system is so important is a field that is heavily researched and invested in the west.

the company is working with a business partner who has succeeded in culturing a bacterium that can cleanse koi ponds of their waste matter.

There is no need for a filtration system is able to "eat" up debris from the fish, and from the dead leaves and branches that fall into koi ponds, she explains.

The water remains crystal clear and there is no foul smell. When a koi pond is constructed, a bacteria chamber is fitted to the bottom of the pond. This chamber contains and continually produces bacteria for cleansing purposes.

This biological filtration system enables koi collectors to reduce maintenance costs by doing away with unsightly filtration system and routine water changes, which causes the fish to suffer stress.

She adds that a koi pond that uses the bacterial cleansing system is no more expensive than the ordinary traditional koi pond that comes with a filtration system.

We only construct the pond and do the landscaping. We have a designer who can design the son of pond or ambience a client desires. It could be Balinese, Japanese, Chinese or a Malaysian tropical garden, with local plants. What we are offering is a koi pond that is free of all the filtration gadgets.

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