Saturday, May 20, 2006

Building new Koi Pond

I need help to design a new pond for my new house. I have measure the area is 6ft x 27ft with 5ft deep.
1. Should my pond be 6ft x 18ft and the filter to be 6ft x 9ft?
2. How many chambers should I build? And what should be ideally in each of the chamber?
3. How many pumps should I have for this size of pond? I believe it should be in the last chamber.
4. Should I have 2 bottom drains or 3?

Appreciated if someone can help me to design the filter which I really need help of.

I have a pond builder who is charging me for RM20K without any rock mountain. Do you think it is expensive? Any recommendations?


malaxi said...

For the price of 20k of such size seems to be reasonable. Take Kev's advice and compare first before u make any mistake. I'm quite new here last few weeks but I felt I can offer u some advice. Kevkoi, If any of my advice are wrong please correct me.Laugh

Alright, The most expensive thing for a koi pond is the filter. If for the size u stated, the koi builder promise u a half your pond size filter inclusive of:
1. Hi blow air pump
2. Uv filter
3. Bio filter(The one with at least a 1,200 bio balls)

Then I think the price of 20K is reasonable. Last but not least where are u from? As I know the price for building a pond in Penang is quite expensive as I'm staying in Penang.

Last advice is, make sure u get a good filter. If you regret later it cost you a lot of money to repair it.

All the best in KOI Hobby!
Best regards,

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Anonymous said...

Hi sichang,

Sounds like a nice size pond you will have.

1) I would agree that 6' x 18' is a nice size pond. and 6' x 9' would be an idea filter size for this pond. The volume of water in that size pond would be 15289.8 Litres which is quite a nice size (about 3,800 gals).

2) Ideally you need to have at least 2' x 3' would fit nicely. If you can fit more in then the more the better. I would make each chamber at least 2.5' deep. the first chamber should be your mechaninal chamber consisting of brushes or netting. the 2nd should be your bio chamber, consisting of stinted glass, flo-cor , bio balls or matting. the last chamber should be anothe rbio or chemical chamber consisting of again stinted glass, flo-cor , bio balls or matting with some PH buffering like Oyster shells. Each chamber should have a bottom drain to waste.

3) I assume the filter is going to be gravity fed. which mens you will need room in your last chamber for the pump. This is usually placed in a chamber of its own, but if you can build a shelf into the last chamber for the pump this will be fine. The pump will then feed your waterfall or trickle tower etc. for this volume of water 1 pump will be fine, I would reccomend something like an aquamaster 15000 which is 15000 litres an hour. so you will be turning over the volume of the pond once an hour which is perfect for koi ponds.

4) 2 2" bottom drains or 1 4" bottom drain would be enough. However if you want to put 3 x 2" in or 2 x 4" in, then thats completely up to you. If you bench the base of the pond towrds the bottom drain you shouldn;t have any problems. For the size of your pond I would reccomen 9" of benching to the bottom drain. When I say benching I mean slope toward the drain.

If you search through this forum there are lots of filter designs posted. However if you are still stuck contact me on stuartmwaterman@hotmail and I will help you design your filter.

I can not give you my opinion on the price as I am from the UK and prices vary. all I know is its so much cheaper in malasyia then england Frown.

I hope this information has answered most of your questions


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